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About us

The Camden Hub is run by Likewise – a community and wellbeing charity based in Camden. From July, the Camden Hub site will become part of the Likewise website – click here to check it out!

Welcome to the Hub, Camden’s new mental health wellbeing centre. We are a new type of service; flexible, personal, and keenly focused on peoples recovery. Hub ‘HQ’ is in Swiss Cottage, but this is just the centre of our large network of professional friends and partners. We provide a safe and dynamic day centre – always a hub of activity – but more than that, we connect up and bring together creative and mindful recovery opportunities from across the borough (and beyond).

HCCT: The people behind the Hub

The Hub is run by HCCT. We are a small, dynamic and innovative organisation, doggedly determined to support socially excluded members of society. Since 1988 we have been doing just that. Our work with those experiencing mental ill-heath, homelessness, asylum problems, and drug and alcohol addiction, has helped them to live independent, meaningful and fulfilling lives as part of their local community.

Other HCCT services

We run loads of different projects across London, including day services, training programmes, timebanking schemes, home visit services and much more. In all cases we are working towards out clients living independent and fulfilling lives. We can only do that by putting people at the heart of what we do.

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The Crypt
A community centre fuelled by coproduction and people power

How we work

All of our staff split their time between working directly with our clients, and back office stuff – like writing reports, organising projects, evaluating our work etc. We subscribe to three core beliefs: coproduction


We believe in working with our clients in mutual partnerships. That means doing things together, whether it is cooking food, organising activities, or simply socialising together. We don’t believe in one-way relationships – we think that we need each other and by working together we can achieve much more. learning


We are all learners. We think life is all about learning for us all, and so in everything we do we take time to reflect on our own behaviour and actions. We do that with our clients too. respect


Every person is an individual and should be treated like one. Over time a lot of services have been guilty of dehumanising the way in which they work with people. We won’t do this.

Who we work with

We know that you can only achieve the big things we want to achieve by working with other people and organisations. We work with commissioning bodies like Local Authorities, and local voluntary and private sector organisations. In all cases we believe in win-win relationships.

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