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The Camden Hub is run by Likewise – a community and wellbeing charity based in Camden. From July, the Camden Hub site will become part of the Likewise website – click here to check it out!

What is The Healthy Minds Academy?

The Healthy Minds Academy is the vehicle through which we bring all of our volunteering opportunities together into one community, whose aim it is to increase wellbeing. As part of the Healthy Minds community our volunteers will have access to a range of unique opportunities, all of which they can engage with on their own terms.

Our volunteers are given access to invaluable experiential learning opportunities, which see them being part of real meaningful change for the community and health sector more broadly. By volunteering in our sessions, at our community-based events or creating and leading activities that are accessible to the whole community, our volunteers get valuable hands on, front line experience that is both rewarding and will empower them to develop emotional intelligence and essential leadership, team-work and project management skills.

As volunteers progress through their learning journey they’ll be given the opportunity to take advantage of a tailored support system to assist in their personal growth and development. They’ll have access to their own coordinator, who can help them to make the most of their experience, whilst also helping them to access further suitable opportunities offered by the Healthy Minds Academy.

The Healthy Minds Academy has a range of training courses and qualifications on offer to its volunteers. These are all optional and free of cost, and include things like the Care Certificate, Mental Health First Aid, and City and Guilds accreditations. In addition, coordinators will be able to help volunteers to access training offered by external providers, by utilising the Healthy Minds Academy’s training network.

We are not just interested in seeing volunteers grow within our organisation, but are passionate about aiding their overall personal growth and development. We want to help them to reach their goals and aspirations, and that’s why when the time does come for them to move on, we can support transition into the next chapter, whether that be further volunteering, studies, employment or something different altogether!

Volunteering Opportunities

The Opportunity

The Camden Hub is launching the Healthy Minds Academy to help us build a network of volunteering opportunities aimed at increasing wellbeing through creating events and activities accessible to the whole community. This is a unique learning opportunity in which you can be part of real meaningful change for the community and health and social care sector more broadly.

The Vision

We aim to redefine what we mean by “mainstream”, and move away from the separation of social activities for traditionally marginalized and vulnerable people. Driven by our core values of Co-production, Mutual Learning, and Empowerment, you will be an integral part of building this vision.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences who are enthusiastic about improving the wellbeing of the community as a whole. You will learn our way of working, gain valuable hands on experience, and have the opportunity to develop team-working, project management, and essential leadership skills in areas of personal interest.

How to get involved:

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please email and include brief responses to the following:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Why are you interested in joining us?

If successful you will be invited to attend volunteer selection days, which run every 6 weeks. The primary purpose of the selection day is for us to get to know you. You will also be introduced to our values and way of working, and provided more information as to specific opportunities. We do not think that you need any particular experience or skills. Volunteers are selected based on their ability to work within our values, and their desire to learn and grow within our organisation.

I’m interested. How do I let you know?

Placement Year Opportunity

About us
HCCT is a secular charity working to promote the inclusion of socially isolated and marginalized individuals. From the Camden Hub in Swiss Cottage we run a range of different services that’ll give you valuable, front-line, hands-on experience working with a diverse client group and the opportunity to give back to your community.

About the Placement
This is an opportunity for you to undertake a ‘sandwich year’ placement in a social care and mental health setting. You’ll work with us on a full-time or part-time basis over a period of 6-12 months.

Depending on your goals and interests you could be involved in a number of ways. You might:

  • Support our various day sessions: From the Camden Hub we run a Mental Health and Recovery Service, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Sessions and a Women’s Group. The role in each of these sessions is to provide emotional and practical support to clients, build individual relationships and a sense of community, as well as support the day-to-day running of the services.
  • Lead floating support visits: Students will work with clients 1-to-1 at home and in the community to help them live independent and fulfilling lives. That might mean providing companionship in the community and helping with everyday tasks like getting the shopping, going to hospital appointments or organising household administration.
  • Support with administrative tasks: e.g. updating client database, doing desk-based research.
  • Lead an activity in our community wellbeing centre: Help us to break down the barriers between traditionally separated mainstream and mental health services by using your existing interests or hobbies to lead your own wellbeing activity that’ll be accessible to the community as a whole. It could be anything from dance movement therapy, yoga or a walking club, to a film night, colouring in group or a choir!

Placement students can expect to be challenged, supported and given responsibility for a range of tasks across the organisation – including opportunities to lead on projects.

Supervision: Our frontline staff will provide ongoing 1-to-1 supervision throughout the placement. At the heart of our work is modelling learning, growth and personal development and so meaningful reflective practice will be key.

(Keep in mind that our service is not a clinical one and therefore we can’t cater for clinical placements, nor can we provide clinical supervision).

About You
We do not think that you need any particular experience. Placement students are selected based on their ability to work within our values and their desire to learn and grow.

We are looking for people with a wide range of skills, knowledge and interests who are enthusiastic about improving the wellbeing of the community as a whole. You will need to be at least 18 years of age.

Supervision and Training
Every placement student will have their own supervisor. They’ll work with you to build a tailored support structure to identify what goals you have and how we can help you reach them, as well as making sure that you’re meeting any university requirements you may have.

We are not just interested in seeing placement students grow within our organisation, but are passionate about aiding your overall personal growth and development. We want to help you to reach your goals and aspirations, and that’s why when the time does come for you to move on, we can support transition into the next chapter, whatever that may be!

In addition, you’ll have access to a range of formal training courses. These are all optional and free of cost and include weekly training modules that make up the Care Certificate (an induction to working in the social care sector), Mental Health First Aid and First Aid.

How to apply:
If you would like to find out more, please contact Indi via phone or email.

She’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and explain our application process.

Contact details:
Indi Angel-Auld

Other Opportunities:
Sandwich year not for you? Here’s some of our other placement opportunities:

  • Six month placement: Join us for at least one day or 6 hours per week (it could be more!) for 6 months.
  • Four month placement: You’ll be with us for at least 3 days a week for a minimum period of four months. This is the perfect opportunity for those looking for an opportunity over the summer months.

Your Training

What training is available?

Weekly Tuesday Training: The Care Certificate and 3 Bonus Modules
The Care Certificate (CC) is an induction to the social care sector for new workers/volunteers operating in social care settings. Upon completion of the 15 modules learners will receive the nationally recognised Care Certificate, which is mapped to the National Occupational Standards for Health and Safety and Social Care and can contribute towards accredited qualifications including the Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

In addition, there are 3 modules listed in this schedule that are specific to the work we do here at HCCT. Each module will run on a cyclical basis throughout the year, with the introductory module ‘Understanding My Role’ happening slightly more regularly. So if you miss one, you’ll be able to catch up.
If you would like to attend individual topics of interest, but not the full Care Certificate, you are also welcome to do this, however in the event that spaces become limited preference will be given to those completing the whole certificate.

If you’d like to undertake individual modules please give Indi the details of what in particular you would like to be attending as soon as possible and make sure your attendance in confirmed before showing up!

First Aid
First Aid is both a stand-alone qualification (which I’m sure many of you are familiar with) and a component of the Care Certificate. It is a full-day course that will be run externally. More information on this training will follow.

Mental Health First Aid
In this two day course you will learn to recognise early signs of mental health problems and signs of worsening existing mental health problems, as well as how to respond appropriately to assist people in your community, family or workplace. Like traditional first aid, Mental Health First Aid does not teach people to treat or diagnose mental health or substance use conditions. Instead, you will gain practical skills to offer initial support to someone experiencing a mental health problem, until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves, while keeping yourself safe. You will also be provided with local service information so that you can feel confident assisting someone to get the right support.

How do I sign up?

These training opportunities are only being available to current and alumni volunteers. If you are interested in booking a place on one of our training sessions, or would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer with The Healthy Minds Academy, please get in touch via the form below.

I’m interested. How do I let you know?

Learning Module
Understanding My Role (CC)
Equality and Diversity (CC)
Person Centred Values (CC)
Communication (CC)
Privacy and Dignity (CC)
Handling Information (CC)
Mental Health First Aid Day
Fluids and Nutrition (CC)
Duty of Care (CC)
Safeguarding Children (CC)
Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability (CC)
Safeguarding Adults (CC)
Supporting Journeys (HCCT-specific bonus module)
Mental Health Support in Camden (HCCT-specific bonus module)
Physical Health Services in Camden (HCCT-specific bonus module)
Personal Development (CC)
Health & Safety/Infection Control  I & II (CC)
Basic Life Support/First Aid (CC)

Freebies for Volunteers

Free weekly yoga sessions for volunteers

We offer a number of regular activities and trips that we encourage our volunteers to get involved with.

Free Yoga

Where? The Hub, 8 Fairhazel Gardens, London, NW6 3SG
When? 11am every Tuesday

More Coming Soon!

I’m interested!

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